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QualySense is bringing together energetic professionals passionate about making a change. Each of us is part of the history of reshaping the world of food and agritech forever.

Our core values

Conscious nutrition is on the rise, environmental concerns are at the forefront, while we see a rapidly growing world population. These developments all point to a scenario where resources become scare which includes limited access to water and food. By working at QualySense, you will contribute to more efficient and sustainable agriculture and food production in joint effort with well-known research institutions and industry innovators. We operate by embracing agility and lean principles to deliver real value to customers with high speed of execution.

Our culture

We believe that true innovation only happens when the people behind it are capable of thinking outside the box and working as a team. Mutual trust, honesty, and respect are the key components of a successful collaboration within a company. While working toward our greater purpose, we love to stay human and have fun — at work and outside. Our multinational team of 15 different cultures brings together truly disparate ideas! At the same time, your contributions will help food & beverage companies reduce their costs and ensure top quality.


We also strive in creating a modern, flexible and pleasant working environment. We do believe in equal opportunities and put the maximum effort to eliminate any discrimination in salary compensation, career progression and leadership roles. We understand the needs of parents and allow flexibility with working hours and presence in the office. We arrange meetings to discuss career development and learning opportunities. We believe in transparency and regularly provide you a full picture of the company progress so that you can help us doing always better. We want you to be happy to make sure every night we can go back to our families and beloved ones with a smile on our face.
Who we are looking for
QualySense keeps eyes open for new talents all the time. If you are:

- the entrepreneurial type,
- enthusiastic about the QSorter® technology,
- innovative, creative, always willing to learn something new,
- last but not least agile and lean

we could be a perfect match for you.
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