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Today’s soybean breeding process involves manual labor and shows a lack of uniformity of in its process steps.
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However, we believe that the situation does not have to remain the same in the future. QualySense’ unique technology allows breeders and quality inspectors to sort and quantify based on a number of parameters. As a major innovation step, these activities can happen in one pass. Physical parameters that can be considered are:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Weight
  • Damaged (broken, cracks, diseased, wrinkled)
  • Color
  • Hilum color

As a result, manual labor can be significantly reduced and uniformity in the process steps for breeding can be ensured.

Another innovation from QualySense allows customers to quantify each kernel based on its biochemical properties, such as:

  • Protein
  • Oil
  • Oleic
  • Linoleic
  • Others

This way inbred and commercial seed producers can reduce shortages and next year field production based on carry over. It also allows sales team to satisfy their customers by having more seed to sell especially for the product that has shortages.

There are two devices from QualySense that can support you in your processes. The QSorter® Explorer, our small capacity device can process soybean with a throughput of 20-30 kernels per second, whereas alternatively the QSorter® Horizon, the high capacity device, can process at 2000-3000 kernels per second. QSorter® technology’s innovative approach entails that it can detect internal and external seed parameters including moisture, size and color.

QSorter® Explorer and Horizon can sort up to 3 classes in a single pass, helping you to achieve a uniform and optimized ingredient for your exceptional product. By quantifying biochemical compositions and physical properties of each and every single seed, your chances of finding a better trait will increase during your R&D efforts. Advantage of QSorter Explorer is speed and multi-dimensional quantification of compositions such as starch, sugar, protein, oil and fatty acids with high precision.

The Smartest Solution for the Entire Soybean Processing Line

If you are a soybean breeder, quality inspection company or food producer, the intelligent QSorter® devices are the best solution for outstanding results:

  • soybean breeders can lower the span of breeding cycles during the development of new soybean varieties; they can enhance population size to come up with the best products, and can also eliminate some of the manual labor. All these activities lower the inefficient use of agricultural land and waste
  • quality inspection companies can shorten the time to product certification and cuts assessment costs
  • consumer food producers can use the technology to safely provide high quality peanuts to end consumers.

If you have more ideas as to how QualySense could help you improve soybeans processing, get in contact with us. 

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