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Rice is one of the most important crops and a primary source of food, feeding more than half of the world’s population. Despite its importance in our daily life, quality inspection of rice is still done manually, which is prone to errors and inconsistencies. It is also very time consuming. QualySense is introducing the QSorter® Explorer, which allows for a fully automated, fast and high-quality inspection.
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With the QSorter® Explorer, no sample preparation is needed. You can simply feed your sample into the instrument and run your sample. It can measure and analyse the quality and physical properties of rice, including percentage of broken grains, chalkiness, geometry, and color, of every single kernel in your sample. In addition, you can also measure biochemical properties such as protein and moisture. It is 6 times faster than manual inspection while being consistent and providing extensive data. 

With its unique sorting and analysis capabilities, the QSorter® Explorer can accelerate and standardise your quality inspection process, optimise your workforce, and reduce errors. Rice processors and traders will be able to save time and resources, while increasing confidence in their own quality control processes, and accelerating payments to farmers.  

 By measuring multiple properties at once, the QSorter® Explorer also offers a new effective and accurate way of detecting rice authenticity to prevent losses from blending or contrasting varieties. In addition, the QSorter® is a powerful breeding and high-throughput phenotyping tool for researchers due to its capability of capturing data of each single kernel separately.    

The Smartest Solution for the Entire Rice Processing Line

If you are a seed breeder, quality inspection company or food producer, the intelligent QSorter® device is the best solution for outstanding results:

  • rice breeders can lower the span of breeding cycles during the development of new rice varieties which greatly reduces green-housing, field work and analytical costs. 
  • quality inspection companies, QSorter® brings in consistency and shortens quality control monitoring processes.
  • consumer food producers can use the technology to provide rice products and ensure premium quality for end consumers.

If you have more ideas as to how QualySense could help you improve rice processing, get in contact with us.

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