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Quality Inspection of peanuts is a challenge due to the nature of peanuts and their defects. Managing aflatoxin in peanuts becomes a problem due to alfatoxin's highly uneven distribution and can have a high impact on the health of end consumers which can put peanut processors and handlers' reputation at risk.
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Another concern from the peanut industry are the purity levels of high-oleic peanut batches which recently are trending more and more in the US and South America. Contamination from conventional peanuts can take place during farming or seed production, transport and handling of peanuts. This has an impact in the peanuts’ shelf-life and freshness after roasting which is also felt by the end consumers.

In order to see these challenges addressed, the QSorter® Explorer was developed to quickly measure quality properties of peanuts, such damaged peanuts, moisture, oleic acid content and colour of every single kernel in your sample. It is 10 times faster than manual inspection processing samples of 5 kg under 10 minutes.

With its unique sorting and analysis capabilities, the QSorter® Explorer can accelerate and standardise your quality inspection process, allowing you to bin peanuts according to their quality profile. You will be confident that your aflatoxin levels are where they should be, and that your high-oleic peanuts are contamination-free.

The Smartest Solution for the Entire Peanuts Processing Line

If you are a shelling and storage facility, quality inspection company, buyer or food producer, the intelligent QSorter® robot is the best solution for outstanding results:

  • shelling and storage facilities can quickly and efficiently inspect, sort and bin varieties of peanuts for better aflatoxin and high-oleic purity management.
  • quality inspection companies, QSorter® brings in consistency and shortens quality control monitoring processes.
  • consumer food producers can use the technology to safely provide high quality peanuts to end consumers.

If you have more ideas as to how QualySense could help you improve peanuts processing, get in contact with us.

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