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Oat processors can benefit from the unprecedented speed, accuracy and disruptive technology with the QSorter® Explorer. They crack the following major challenges that breeders, quality inspectors and producers face.
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Gluten-Free Products

Naturally gluten-free oats are often contaminated with foreign grains that are high in gluten during farming, storing or transportation. According to FDA requirements, a consumer product classifies as gluten-free if it contains fewer than 20 ppm of gluten.

The regulator also requires frequent sampling, and this is the most challenging part. Tens of thousands of grains must be assessed in a short time window by specially trained personnel to detect potential contaminations. The process is very resource-intensive, and results are subject to human error.

The groundbreaking QSorter® technology solves this challenge in a fast and intelligent fashion. By combining near-infrared spectroscopy and machine vision, the device achieves outstanding results: around 99% accuracy in measuring kernels at high speed. Furthermore, the QSorter® device swiftly transports kernels to the relevant bins thereby removing the human error factor and mundane hand labor.

Defective Oats

The intelligent QSorter® device prevents infected, pest-damaged, shrunken, broken and discolored oats from making their way to the table. Thanks to this, a premium-quality consumer food product is created which complies with the highest quality standards.

The Smartest Solution for the Entire Oat Processing Line

If you are an oat breeder, quality inspection company or food producer, the intelligent QSorter® device is the best solution for outstanding results:

  • oat breeders can quickly and efficiently pioneer new high-quality varieties to develop food products with enhanced nutritional profiles
  • quality inspection companies, QSorter® shortens quality control monitoring processes and cuts assessment costs
  • consumer food producers can use the technology to provide gluten-free oat products and ensure premium quality for end consumers who have become more and more health-conscient.

If you have more ideas as to how QualySense could help you improve oat processing, get in contact with us.

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