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The sophisticated QSorter® technology changes the game for corn (maize) processing companies including breeders, quality assurance and consumer food producers. Our devices accomplish kernel analysis and sorting faster than any other devices available in the market. It eliminates manual inspection and sorting The QSorter® technology efficiently solves the following problems in corn processing.
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Separating Sweet Corn from Field Corn

Separating sweet from field corn is a labor-intensive manual process with often inaccurate results. However, you cannot simply skip this challenge due to the product quality standards you need to comply with.

The intelligent QSorter®  devices take on the routine task of distinguishing between the two corn types and then sorting them. The outcome is field corn obtained quickly, easily and accurately. In fact the performance of QSorter® is such that it even surpasses current quality standards connected to the level of allowed field corn contamination. In addition, QSorter® can also separate Sh2 trait from Se or Su traits. Another development is in the pipeline for sorting hybrid sweet corn from parent lines.

QSorter® Explorer, our small capacity device can process with a throughput of 25-35 kernels per second, whereas alternatively the QSorter® Horizon, the high capacity device, can process at 2500 – 3500 kernels per second. QSorter’s innovative approach entails that it can detect internal and external seed parameters including moisture, size and color.

Sorting Haploids from Diploids

Sorting haploids from diploids is a very tedious and labor-intensive process. QSorter® automatizes this process and recovers min 80% of total haploid population with an average net speed of 8 seeds per second, depending on kernel size and shape.

The Smartest Solution for the Entire Corn Processing Line

If you are a corn breeder, quality assurance company or food producer, the intelligent QSorter® device is the best solution for outstanding results:

  • corn breeders can quickly and efficiently pioneer new high-quality varieties and reduce the inefficient use of agricultural land and waste
  • quality inspection companies, QSorter® shortens the time to product certification and cuts assessment costs
  • consumer food producers can use the technology to quickly diversify their corn product portfolio and reduce expenses.

We are a dynamic, entrepreneurial team at QualySense. If you have more wishes as to how QualySense can help you improve coffee processing, get in contact with us.

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