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The most important value-determining quality of coffee is how it tastes in the cup. Although roasting, grinding and brewing strongly impact the final sensory profile, the most they can do is to enhance what is provided by that incredible base material: green coffee beans.
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QSorter® opens the door to managing the quality and value of green coffee using an unprecedented bean-by-bean biochemical analysis and sorting. This is a significant capability because there is typically much bean-to-bean variation. This is the case e.g. among Arabica coffees in mountainous tropical regions which are mostly hand-picked from trees by smallholder farmers. It is known that visible defects occurring during harvest or processing can be detected by available technologies on the market. However, until now the coffee industry has been unable to address sensory variations, which are not visible on the outside of beans.

Here are some examples of how QSorter® addresses the unsolved challenges of the coffee industry.

Selecting Green Beans based on their Predicted Roast Characteristic

Another innovation from QualySense is the ability to select green coffee beans based on a prediction on how the roasting would be at a later stage. This means that such knowledge would be available before the actual roasting happens! 

Most of the aromatic qualities which you enjoy in your morning cup are created during the roasting process via a conversion of precursor biochemicals within the green beans. For example, unripe green beans are the result of a lack of an adequate maturing process. A variant of this defect is known as Quakers which stands out as pale in appearance after roasting and bland in taste whereas the rest of the batch can reach the desired roast color.

QSorter® can separate a batch of green beans of any desired size into 2 to 4 fractions according to their predicted degree of roastability. The beans are chosen based on a combination of biochemicals (moisture, sucrose and oil being the predominant ones), which create sub-batches with uniform roasting characteristics. Once separated, the poorly roasted beans can go through a longer roasting process or they can be used in blends of lower quality. Beans with the best composition of roast-relevant biochemicals will often receive an improvement of 1 to 3 Q-grade points. The uniformity of roasting gets vastly improved for all fractions, removing the unripe, burnt and rubbery off-tastes that comes from inhomogeneous roasting.

An upcoming solution – Green Coffee Quality Inspection

QSorter® technology is already being successfully used for grain-by-grain quality inspection of rice and peanuts according to accepted industry standards. QualySense’s soon-to-be released Green Coffee Quality Inspection (Q.I.) solution will provide fast and accurate measurement of visible-defects’ count, size, color and moisture statistics of green coffee samples. The digitally generated quality reports from the QSorter® will bring repeatable and reproducible quality assessment to all parties of the value chain.

The Smartest Solution for the Entire Coffee Value Chain

If you are a coffee Producer, Exporter or Roaster you will benefit from the unique solutions provided by QualySense, available for the first time in the industry:

  • Producers and Exporters can remove the off-tasting beans, and optimally partition their product to maximize its value
  • Roasters can receive beans with uniform roasting characteristics and green coffee free of off-taste
  • All participants of the coffee industry from the farm to the roasting plant can communicate using a unified and accurate assessment method of green coffee quality

Quick Technology Facts:

  • Multiple measurements in a single pass, including biochemical properties, visual defects, size, color and shape
  • Non-destructive technique based on optical principles
  • Multiple Sorted Classes can be generated in one pass through the sorter
  • High processing speed of 2100 kernels per second (~1000 kg/h)
  • Bean-by-bean statistics and Digital Reporting gives you the power of data

We are a dynamic, entrepreneurial team at QualySense. If you have more wishes as to how QualySense can help you improve coffee processing, get in contact with us.

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