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We believe value and beauty lie in the details. Details, such as being able to assess the quality of each seed, grain or bean and take actions based on the results so consumers can be certain that what they pay for is what they actually get. A sophisticated high-speed single-kernel robot using our proprietary QSorter® technology measures the compositional and physical quality of each grain and then sorts them accordingly. We operate as a company by embracing agility and lean principles to deliver real value to customers with fast execution.
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Typically right inputs can produce right outputs. Similarly, producing excellent food necessitates high quality ingredients as input. The QSorter® technology is a result of unique research and development that is happening at the intersection of sensory, mechatronics, biochemistry, data processing and life science so the right ingredients can be ensured. During our work with world-famous research organizations such as the United States Department of Agriculture, Empa (Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology), Agroscope, and ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) have generously supported us contributing to our R&D.
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What drives us
We believe that today the food industry is going through revolutionary changes. Conscious nutrition is on the rise, environmental concerns are at the forefront, while we see a rapidly growing world population. These developments all point to a scenario where resources become scare which includes limited access to water and food.

With our QSorter® technology, we strive to make the path from seed to our plates more efficient and nature-friendly. We want to make sure that the food we actuallyeat is exactly what the product was meant to be, while we limited our impact on the environment.
How it all began
It all began in 2009, when Francesco Dell’Endice, Ph.D. at the University of Zurich, came up with an idea that was meant to reshape the world of food and agritech.

The Italian scientist and entrepreneur proposed an intelligent AI-powered technology for analyzing and sorting kernels in an accurate, efficient, and fast way. In the subsequent year Francesco and his partners, Paolo D’Alcini, Olga Peters, founded QualySense AG. The team rolled up their sleeves to bring the idea from concept to life.
The first recognition came quickly: in 2010, QualySense won the Venture Kick Award and was rewarded with CHF 130.000 to accelerate the development of the QSorter® technology.

Throughout the entire history of QualySense, there was no year without awards from influential organizations and companies.
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QualySense today is a young innovative tech company on the rise. We are headquartered in one of the most beautiful cities of Switzerland, Zurich, where the magnificent Alps begin to rise.

In 2019, we are expanding our quest for reshaping the world of food and agritech to the United States of America. If you are in Chicago, don’t pass up the chance to meet us!
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The unique and proprietary devices enable sorting grains, seeds and beans reliably by biochemical and/or geometrical properties. Our sorting devices, the QSorter® series, generate outstanding benefits in quality inspection, process monitoring, and research & development in a non-invasive way.